About us

Occupation group companies, We are engaged in manufacturing, trading and educational activities. in the field of beauty industry, are distributors of the world’s best wines, teaching professional sommelier, do restorators activities, provide a full range of legal services.



How did the name Mozart House

The History of the brand Mozart House began with the purchase… unusual house. In the middle of the last century Austrian family Basic acquired in bad Radkersburg the house. In addition to venerable age, this building was famous for the fact that it is on the way to Italy stopped Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with his father.




For a long time the name of Mozart was adorned with only a plaque on the facade. But soon everything changed. When Maria Basic decided to create a company for the production of professional cosmetics and tools for the beauty industry, you need to come up with her name. As well as the idea of creating a new brand was born in the house of Mozart in bad Radkersburg, and the name of Mozart House appeared by itself.