Company Legal M. H. Consulting is part of the group of companies Mozart House and engaged in rendering professional legal services.




Main areas of specialization “Legal M. H. Consulting for all types of clients are:

• Civil-legal relations and disputes;
• Corporate;
• real Estate and construction;
• Tax disputes;
• Customs law;
• Commercial practice (including licensing);
• Antitrust (including advertising);
• The practice of employment law (including foreign citizens);
• Intellectual property rights;
• Family and inheritance law;
• Criminal law protection.

Each client, working with “Legal M. H. Consulting, receives:

• Detailed and professional analysis of the task;
• a Clear plan necessary actions result oriented;
• Efficiency;
• Individual approach;
• Flexible pricing policy for services;
• rewards program;
• Significant privileges on prices for comprehensive and outsourcing services;
• Confidentiality;
• Convenient place and time of meetings.

The cost of any services is determined and announced after learning of the task and the analysis of possible mechanisms of its decisions. Legal M. H. Consulting provides services to its clients not only in the region of presence (Moscow,Rostov-on-don, Berlin), but also in other regions of the Russian Federation and the European Union.