Pinot Noir

Mozart Wine House restaurants are focused on the fine cuisine and stylish unusual interior. All projects are implemented in Rostov-on-Don and absolutely unique for this region.


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Restaurant Pinot Noir is the place, where you can find a very special atmosphere, refined French cuisine, extensive wine list with sophisticated drinks and European standards of restaurant service. Our restaurant is happy to offer beautiful aesthetic and gastronomic pleasure to all the wine-lovers.




Restaurant Pinot Noir is the place with a very exquisite atmosphere, and delicious French cuisine.




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Gastronomic combination is one of the basic concepts of our restaurant.





Every dish here is flawlessly matching with the wine.





The wine list features more than two hundred wines and other fine beverages.

Every winter solstice sommeliers immaculately select the correct combination of wine and food. Every day guests can enjoy a minimum of 16 wines tastes in one glass!



The first wine map presents more than two hundred wines and other fine beverages.

It is important to note that the restaurant is famous for its cultural events.






Every week there are evenings of literature. The meetings are held with visiting theatre and movie stars, famous music performers.




344082, Russia Rostov-on-Don,, 25, Pushkinskaya St. Tel: +7 (863) 240-81-38,