Wine bars

Mozart wine house bars is a unique project, the main aim of wine bars is to unite boutique’s delicacies and wine bars concepts. The wine bar offers a wider range of wines and stronger beverages, which can satisfy tastes of the most exquisite client.

Classic France, diverse Italy, expressive Spain, bright and juicy – new world wines, noble brandies, whiskies and other drinks are waiting for You here. And all this is not restaurant prices.




It is important that You have a free choice: to take wine with you or have it here in the cosy atmosphere of the bar, accompanied by an exquisite delicacies without additional price charge. The integral components of the wine bars are carefully selected considering their gastronomic specialities from all over the world. There is a rich palette of noble cheeses and deli meats, foie Gras, caviar, truffles, olive oil from producers, gourmet desserts and chocolate, fresh bread based on an old French recipes and much more.


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Wine bars, boutiques, Rostov-on-Don currently has to restaurants

  • The wine bar on Pushkin Street, In addition to a huge assortment of noble drinks and delicacies you can enjoy delicious Japanese cuisine with the freshest ingredients, including some of the best rolls in town.
  • The wine bar on Ul. B. Sadovaya, 130 has a wide selection of delicious hot and cold snacks in tapas style.


Tapas is not just snacks, but also an important part of the gastronomic Spanish culture. According to Spanish people, tapas bar is not just a place where you can drink and eat, but rather perceived as a quintessence of the three commandments: to eat, to drink and to chat.

Tapas Bar Mozart Wine House is located in Rostov-on-Don. What can be better than talking about wine with a glass of delicious wine in a cozy atmosphere? After all, one of the missions of wine is to bring people together! With great pleasure we invite you to take a journey into the wonderful world of noble drinks with us…