Academy of Style

Austrian Academy of Style Mozart House prepares professionals to work in the beauty industry in the areas of: hairdressing, manicure and pedicure, modeling and nail, make-up, management and organization of work of beauty salons.




The level of teaching in the Academy Style meets the best world standards, covering all topics required for successful work, including practical classes and exercises.

After graduation from the course, a student receives two certificates: national and international. This increases the chances of our graduates employment.


  • teachers of the Academy of style are masters of international level, the winners of prestigious competitions;
  • classes at the Academy of Style are modernly equipped;
  • all students receive a discount card on the products of  Mozart House;
  • Academy of Style offers courses for both beginners and masters with experience, also one-day seminars by well-known methods and products;
  • there are 2 types of the payment: through the installment or the bank credit;
  • all the graduates have better chances of getting hired after successful completion of the course.

Over the years the Academy has trained over tens thousands of graduates who successfully work in the industry with gained experience and knowledge.  Academy of style Mozart Art House is presented in several countries of the European Union, as well as in the United States and Russia.