Manufacturing MAH GmbH, Austria.

Our company manufactures products for the masters of nail service (manicure, nail, nail design). For many years the Austrian brand Mozart House represents perfect quality, reliability, environmental friendliness and style.




We do not blindly follow the fashion. We create it ourselves. Mozart House technologies and products are used by top professionals from the beauty industry. Our products help them to create model images for the world-famous runway shows, as well as advertising photo shoots for the magazines. Mozart House innovations will allow you to create the most beautiful, stylish and irresistible nails. We work with famous brands that include: Kenzo, Sonia Rykiel, Burberry, Moschino.

Mozart House Nail Line includes a full range of products for creating artificial surfaces for your nails – gel, acrylic powder, gel Polish. These materials are easy to use; they are steady,  durable and of good quality.




Our products also come in another exclusive line that we are happy to offer, called biogels. This is the product for those who appreciate naturalness and ecological compatibility.

Mozart House Nail Lacquer is the collection of nail polishes, which are presented with a wide palette of tones, including ergonomic bottle with a convenient brush. Our nail polishes are permeable to oxygen (also known as “breathable nail polishe”). They contain anti-fungal substances and components for full care and nutrition of the nail plate.

Mozart House offers everything that the nail master needs: tips, shapes, brushes, blades, glue, oil for the nail care, manicure and pedicure instruments. Mozart House instruments are made from the best medical steel, come in the right shape and measured precisely. The scissors and the nail nippers have a smooth running/flow, and their edges are perfectly fixed. It is easy and convenient to work with our tools.




Mozart House offers not only the product, but also the full informational support to our customer. We will teach you how to easily fix the nails, do a perfect manicure, take care of your hands. You will learn what is included in our materials and what is their advantage. With great pleasure we will find you the right product for every stage of nail extension, manicure and pedicure.

Technologies of Mozart House are convenient and easy to use. Every product package has detailed instructions for its use, and Mozart House consultants are ready to answer all your questions, if you dial free phone number 8-800-700-37-15.

All products are produced in Europe at our own factories in Austria and Germany. Products are being certified in Europe and in Russia, with a guaranteed health safety. Our Internet shop is  the official manufacturer shop that offers a minimum price for Mozart House products.

You can find all the detailed information  about the products on the website of our online store. We wish you professional growth and success together with Mozart House products, and of course, a pleasant shopping!