The range of company services is extensive and includes the whole spectrum of expertise with wine, including the maintenance of private wine collections. Our company offers wines with special prices, providing information about the product innovations of the wine market, and ratings of the leading wine publications. It also provides support for private wine collections, accounting, update, renewal / restocking(based on a specially developed tax-exempt/ tax-free computer program). We organize  private and professional thematic “wine” events. Exciting tastings, educational lectures for wine-lovers, presentation for friends and partners in a specially equipped company classroom, at your home or in the office.




  • We offer supply of equipment for storage, the construction of wine cellars.

The Specialists will select the professional wine cellar or render services for the construction of the “right” wine cellar.oil



  • Management of projects in the field of winemaking and vineyards.

Since 2009 “Mozart Wine House” offers fundamentally new services related to wine on the regional market . Such services include project management in the field of vineyard and winemaking: technical and economic substation of projects,the feasibility study of the project, design and construction of wineries, development of the marketing strategy for a new /strategy to launch a new product on the market.




  •  The compiling of wine lists for restaurants

Before compiling the wine list, experts conduct a complex tasting of dishes of the restaurant and present the graphs taste of each dish. In accordance with the received data  the wine is selected, the characteristics of which are in harmony with the characteristics of the food.




  • Investment advice, development of investment schemes

Investing in wine is a new, interesting and promising type of capital investment. Clients of “Mozart Wine House” have  a unique opportunity to get expert advice on investing in wine and assistance in the procurement and storage of investment-attractive drinks.

  • The organization of tourist trips

Tours of wineries in France, Italy, Germany, Austria and other countries for groups and singular.

The education and experience of the specialists working in Mozart Wine House, can solve almost any task in the field of work with wine, which is the main interest of our clients. The wine is our passion! Look at our services page on the website