Sommelier academy

Mozart Wine House Sommelier Academy is the only Academy, which is part of a training project licensed to educate in the field of wine culture in the South of Russia. The Academy curators are the East European sommeliers and experts, which belong to the world Sommelier Association (Worldwide Sommelier Association) and closely collaborate with Italian Sommelier Association (Associazione Italiana Sommeliers).


The classes are held in the professionally equipped classrooms for lectures and include wine-tasting sessions. We have arranged everything for future sommelier’s success: a team of qualified teachers, extensive materials, professional glasses and wine-tastings equipment.

During the trainings we provide for our staff, the academy helps restaurateurs with any contract regulations through the employees training. After the training of the Restaurants’ staff is provided, the certificate of appreciation is granted, to confirm compliance with the professional level of employees according to highest international standards.



We offer professional trainings for sommeliers, waiters, barmen, employees of wineries boutiques and wine companies. The best graduates are offered a special assistance and help  in hiring into the leading restaurants in the South of Russia. Wine-lovers who want to get a deeper understanding of drinks’ diversity are welcome to join the evening courses on various subjects. This is a unique opportunity to learn about the history of winemaking, culture and cuisine of different countries, the rules of selection and wine tasting.