Wine boutiques

Mozart Wine House delicacies boutiques are special shops, built in full compliance with all requirements of the standards with a unique collection of carefully selected wine by the specialists.




If you buy wine with us, you can be absolutely sure of the quality and the originality of all the products. Experienced experts, graduates of the leading European schools, sommeliers work with our clients. We cooperate only with reliable suppliers and we guarantee the best price and professional service.






In addition to wines and strong spirits, there is a wide range of glasses and accessories for wine (decanters, corkscrews, homemade wine bars, wine albums for labels, sets flavors); as well as the literature on drinks and food, cigars, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, plantation chocolate, meat, cheese gastronomy and a lot more that you can find in our boutiques.

You will find just the perfect place for unique gifts! Go to the boutiques on our website