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Group of companies Mozart House

The Group of companies Mozart House is a well-known European company offering products and services in the beauty industry, the wine field, as well as in the field of law. The headquarters of the group of companies Mozart House is located in Berlin (Germany), and representative offices are opened in Austria, France, Holland, Belgium, USA, Great Britain, Egypt and Russia.

In Russia, the brand has been operating since 2007 and it is represented in all major cities of the country. The components of the success of Mozart House are the exceptional quality of the European level services, innovative technologies, unique equipment, an international team of top-class professionals from Germany, France, Austria, Holland, Russia, Great Britain, Italy.

Historical notes

How the name Mozart House appeared.

The story of the MOZART HOUSE brand began with the purchase of … an unusual house.

In 1963, the BASIC family acquired a house in the town of Bad Radkersburg, located in southern Austria. In addition to the venerable age, this building was famous for the fact that young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart stayed in it on the road to Italy.

For a long time the name of Mozart adorned only a plaque on the facade. However, everything changed when Maria Basic decided to create a company for the production of professional cosmetics and tools for the beauty industry. And since the idea of creating a new brand was born in the house of Mozart in Bad Radkersburg, then the name MOZART HOUSE appeared by itself.


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