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The use of cookie files

What is the purpose of cookies?


Cookies are very useful and perform many different functions that allow you to use the site easily and naturally. We can say that cookies are something like memories that the site keeps about you – they remind it of how you behaved on its pages and about the decisions that you made. The site that remembers you is faster and much easier to use than the one that doesn’t know anything about you. That’s why most sites you know and love use cookies.


What does a cookie contain?


A cookie is a simple piece of information in the form of a very small text file. Each cookie is unique and includes the name of the site that created it, and a one-of-a-kind sequence of numbers and letters.

The vast majority of websites and applications, when you use them, place cookies on the hard drive of your device (computer, mobile phone or tablet). They do this through your browser – for example, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox. Only the site that created the cookie can read and use the cookie; sites cannot share information through cookies.

Some cookies only exist while you are on the site. These session cookies disappear from your computer or mobile device as soon as you close your browser. Other cookies remain on your computer or mobile device after you close your browser and are stored for a specified period of time. These “persistent cookies” are activated each time you visit the website that created them.


What is not in the cookie?


Cookies do not contain:

Personal information – you cannot be identified by a cookie;

Software code – unlike a computer virus, a cookie does not contain code, which means that it is not capable of harming your device.


Are cookies dangerous?



Cookies are small and simple sequences of characters known as text files. They are not computer programs. They cannot read your personal information. They can’t spread computer viruses. Cookies cannot harm your device and they do not threaten your privacy.


How does the site use cookies?


When you use our sites, the following four categories of cookies may be installed on your device:

Absolutely necessary

These cookies are required to navigate our sites and use their features. Without these cookies, our services will not function properly;


These cookies allow our site to remember your choices and preferences. They allow us to offer you advanced and personalized features/ These cookies can also be used in order to remember the text size, font and other elements of the site that you prefer and that can be customized through the browser;

These cookies do not collect information that could identify you. These cookies also do not collect information about you that can be used for marketing purposes and to remember which sites you use.



To keep the site simple to use, up-to-date and modern, we use web Analytics tools that help us understand how people use our sites and applications.

Web Analytics data and cookies cannot be used to identify you, as they never contain personal information. They are used exclusively for our own statistical purposes.

We usually use the services of independent companies that collect this data for us. In such cases, these cookies may be set by a third-party company (third-party cookies).



Cookies also help us to use targeted advertising. These cookies are used to show you advertisements that contain information that we believe may be of interest to you. You can see this advertisement from other sites.

Although these cookies can track your movements on the Internet, they do not know who you are. These cookies do not collect any confidential information about you.

We also use links to social networks such as Facebook. These sites may later use information about your visit to offer you advertising on their sites.


How do I manage cookies?

There are various ways in which you can manage cookies. For accurate information on how to manage cookies in your browser, please visit your browser’s help section .

Most browsers will allow:

See which cookies are installed on your device(s) and delete them separately

Block third-party cookies

Block cookies from individual sites

Block cookies completely

Delete all cookies when you close your browser

Please remember that any changes you make to your cookie settings will apply to all websites you visit, not just our website (unless you block cookies from a particular website).



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